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jo19844 [userpic]

Beautiful Iris - part 5

June 7th, 2007 (12:42 am)

Title: Beautiful Iris
Part 5– Finding the way.
Author: Jo19844
Rating: all ratings… starting at about PG and going up to NC-17
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen (sort of)
Summary: When a seemingly cut-and-dried incident calls out Torchwood early one morning not everything as it seems. Alien technology transmits a strange frequency signal and leads them into a trap of curiosity and an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood... believe me... if i did Jack and Ianto would walk around in nothing but tight pants (and a tie for Ianto) The BBC own it. so as much as i love it i don't own it :( also the title don't belong to me lol Although i have some pretty characters i made up myself.
Spoilers : Up to episode 7, also slight spoiler (very tiny) from the book Border Princess
Part 1: Cut & dried here -> http://jo19844.livejournal.com/4527.html
Part 2: Alien Lego here --> http://jo19844.livejournal.com/15486.html
Part 3 is here --> http://jo19844.livejournal.com/15691.html
Part 4: Meeting Iris here --> http://jo19844.livejournal.com/17433.html

Toshiko hopped around the kitchen on one foot, steadying herself on the large wooden table that stood in the centre, almost falling when she heard footsteps behind her. She groaned at the pain in her foot as she limped across the kitchen quickly in order to sit back down. If Jack caught her hopping around again he had promised that he would tie her to the chair, and she didn't think he was kidding.

“Before you say anything, I wasn't moving,” she explained, “I was just trying to get comfortable.”

“Your English is excellent for a woman from overseas.”

Tosh looked to the figure in the doorway and frowned at the sight of Iris who walked towards her and sat opposite her at the table. She wasn't at all who she had expected.

“Where did you learn it?”

“I was raised in London,” she said.

“That's rather unusual, usually ladies from the orient come from exactly there; the orient.”

Toshiko rolled her eyes and bit her lip, trying to hold in her anger. “I'm not from the same mould as others.”

“Obviously not. I had trouble believing you were a lady at all from your attire.”

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“Your clothing,” Iris said, “it's rather masculine.”

Toshiko looked down at her outfit; leather boots, jeans and a black blouse. “It's what I wear where I come from,” she said.

“Its not at all flattering.”

“It's comfortable, and comfort is more important than fashion in my line of work.”

“And what's that?” she asked.

“A lot of things, I don't think you would understand.”

“You think that I'm small-minded because I've lived a sheltered existence?”

“Well considering you doubted that I spoke English just because my skin is a different colour to yours, then I would say that had evidence.”

“I suppose that comes from being from different worlds.”

“Very different worlds,” Tosh sighed, “I don't belong here.”

“You and your friends certainly do seem a little different.”

“Believe me, Jack is outrageous wherever you come from.”

Iris put her hands on the table and leaned over it, looking at Toshiko with interest. “Why do you call the Captain that?”

“It's his name.”

“And he's just a friend?”

“A very good friend and a colleague.”

“And is Mr. Jones a colleague too?”


“You don't give much away,” Iris said, “you're very secretive.”

“I'm not secretive.”

“Then tell me more.”

“Fine. My name is Toshiko Sato, and I'm a doctor of physics, those two men are my colleagues Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones. Neither of them are my keeper and I have my own mind so I would appreciate it if you treat me that way.”

“You're just as stubborn than my father,” Iris smiled ”I admire that.”

Tosh smiled back apologetically. “I'm sorry. This is all new and--”

“Don't worry about it.” Iris stood up and offered her hand to Toshiko. “Stand up and I'll show you where you'll be sleeping. We're a little cramped I'm afraid; you're sharing with me and my sister and Mr Jones and the Captain have to share, do you think they'll mind?”

Tosh smirked. “I'm sure they won't have an problems.”


“They're very close.”

Jack stopped searching the fields and took a seat on the ground, running his hands through his hair as he watched Ianto work tirelessly. He looked at the younger man as he relentlessly searched every inch of the large paddock, even going so far as delving his hands into the deep mud puddles, caused by the recent downpour. He stood up and walked over to him, putting his hand on his back.

“Take a break,” he said.

“It has to be here somewhere.” Ianto shrugged off Jack's touch and continued to search, wiping his hands on his trousers to clean them. “If we travelled here it must have come with us. All we need is one of the components and it can lead us to the others.”

“Just sit down for a moment.” Jack tried to persuade him but Ianto refused to stop, and continued searching every area he could. “Please.”

Ianto stood up and turned around to face Jack, following him over to the only dry patch of land underneath the large draping oak tree. He sat down beside Jack, leaving a space between them, tucked his knees into his chest and took a deep breath. He stared at the ground for a moment, actively searching without making it too obvious.

“Did Iris show you the room?Jack asked.

“Yes. If you recall I spent a good few hours there concussed and mad at the monkey who stole my cheese” Ianto didn't remove his gaze from the ground.

“It's very nice of Mr. Hughes to put us up somewhere so nice, I was half expecting the barn.”

“Where's Tosh going to sleep?”

“With Iris.” Jack turned to look at Ianto and edged a little closer to him. “You don't mind sharing a bed with me do you? Because I can sleep on the floor, or we can top to tail.”

“No, why would I?”

“Maybe my animal magnetism is too much for you.”

“I'll restrain myself somehow,” Ianto said dryly, taking little notice of the conversation.

Jack closed the gap between them and nudged him with his elbow. “What's wrong?”

Ianto looked over at Jack and then shook his head, refocusing his gaze to his feet. “You really need to ask that?”

“We'll get back.”

“You keep saying that,” Ianto said, “I'm starting to doubt how much you believe it yourself.”

“It's early days yet, we've got a lot more ground to search. If it's not here it'll be with Gwen and Owen by now.”

The silence drifted a wedge between them again and Ianto looked up into the sky; the dark clouds from earlier in the day had long gone and only blue sky remained. The sun was starting to dry the wet ground and in some places, in the shade under the large oak tree, the dirt was so hard it was cracking. Ianto bent down and plucked a daisy from the grass and twirled it between his thumb and forefinger, stopping for a moment to pick off the thin white petals one by one. He took a deep breath.

“Did I ever tell you that my dad left when I was a kid?” he asked.


“I was fourteen. One day he left and he never came back; it was almost as though he just disappeared. In actual fact we knew just where he went; he lives in Bath now with a whole new family.”

“I'm sorry.” Jack sighed and leant back on the tree trunk, looking quizzically at the younger man who concentrated on the flower as he plucked out every petal. “Do you still talk?”

“I never speak to him now, I haven't spoken to him in twelve years and I couldn't care if I never saw him again in my lifetime. I never make time for my mother, I'm always too busy to pick up the phone and call her up. Now I wish I had.”

“Life runs away with you sometimes,” Jack said, “when we get back take a few days off and spend it with her.”

“If we get back.”

“No, when we get back.” The older man sat up and put his hand on Ianto's shoulder. “relax and enjoy the beauty for a few days, you'll miss it when you're back in Cardiff with a mountain of paperwork and Owen nagging you for coffee every two minutes.”

“This doesn't mean to you what it means to me; you don't have a family to get back to like I do Jack. You have nobody to miss. What do you really have to get back to, an empty office and a hand in a jar? You could stay here forever and nobody would even notice you were gone.” Ianto's voice came across bitter and his eyes seemed dark with frustration. Jack moved away from him, starting to stand up and Ianto sighed, looking up at him. He grabbed his hand. “I didn't mean that.”

“Yes you did.”

“No, I didn't.” The younger man placed his other hand over Jack's wrist, feeling the pulse through his fingertips. “I'm just scared. I want to blame you and it's wrong.”

Jack turned around to face him and sat back down, putting his hand over the younger man's. “You're right though. I'm not exactly missed back home.”

“If you weren't here I would miss you,” Ianto said, “i wouldn't know what to do.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” Jack smiled and Ianto looked at him for a moment, smiling back faintly. “No, really, it will.”

“I don't even want to think about where my flattery could get me. Knowing you I would end up naked and tied to a bedpost being tickled by an Ostrich feather.”

“Ostrich feather?” Jack asked, arching an eyebrow at Ianto who looked at him. “Kinky.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes, you have a kinky streak.”

“I do not have a kinky streak.”

“You want to be stripped naked, tied up and tickled with an Ostrich feather; that's the definition of kinky in my book.”

“I have no interest in doing anything remotely kinky with you Jack, so you can rid your mind of any ideas that I am in any way interested.”

“You're already holding my hand,” he said looking down at their hands. Ianto's fingers were still laced between Jack's. The younger man looked down and made no attempt to move.

“I know.”

“It's 1901,” he said, “it's very much frowned upon.”

“I'll stop then.” Ianto started to move his hand away and Jack stopped him, placing his other hand on top.

“I didn't say that I frowned upon it.”

“I doubt that Mr. Hughes would find it acceptable for two men to be holding hands in his field Jack,” Ianto said, looking at jack who lifted their hands to his lips and kissed Ianto's fingers. “or indeed doing that.”

“I'm not doing anything.”

“I think we should probably start searching again before--”

“Before what?” Jack asked.

Ianto swallowed a lump in his throat and tried to control his rapidly increasing heart rate as Jack looked at him. He could feel the heat of the Older man's eyes burn through him and looked away, removing his hand. “Before it gets dark.”

“It's two-thirty in the afternoon.”

“There's a lot of field left to search.”

Ianto stood up and walked away to where he had ceased searching earlier and Jack followed, pressing up against his back. Ianto stood still, feeling almost paralytic, reeling in the touch of Jack's hands on his arms where he had rolled up his sleeves. The Captain let his lips brush the younger man's ear and trailed his fingers lightly over his skin. “You shouldn't care so much what people think.”

“I don't,” Ianto breathed, looking down at the fingers that ran over the buttons on his waistcoat, unfastening it slowly. “What are you doing?”

“It's hot; you must be warm in all those layers.”

“I'm fine.”

Jack touched Ianto's neck with his lips, not kissing, just touching; he smiled. “You're burning up.”

“Do I even need to point out to you that this is far beyond acceptable levels of sexual harassment?”

“Do you see an office?” Jack asked, “I see no office.”

Ianto opened his mouth to speak and looked around, feeling Jacks hand slid up his chest, between his open waistcoat, and onto his neck, unfastening his top button. “Well no but--”

“No office, no sexual harassment. Plus it's only sexual harassment if you don't enjoy it. I looked it up.”

“And how do you know that I enjoy it?”

“If you didn't then you would have moved by now,” he whispered, “and you certainly wouldn't have a hard on the size of the water tower bulging out of your pants.”

Ianto turned around and looked Jack in the eyes. “This is not the time.”

“And you're saying that there will be a time?” Jack asked. “because you look hot in tweed and we're sharing a bed tonight.”

“Try anything and you're on the floor.”

“And you said you weren't kinky,” he teased.

“I mean it,” Ianto warned, his eyes dark, “stop it before I introduce my fist to your jawline.”

comment is love:D


Posted by: geordie_star (geordie_star)
Posted at: June 6th, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC)

Again, brilliant update!

Posted by: mrs_norrington (mrs_norrington)
Posted at: June 7th, 2007 12:40 am (UTC)

Ooh! This is getting good!

Posted by: JenyTheyScreamed (atheneunknown)
Posted at: June 7th, 2007 02:10 am (UTC)

Ok...now. I'm gonna go right ahead and say that if I were a millionare, I'd pay for you to just sit around a write. Cuz I want more of this and I want more like...NOW.

And just so you know, I'm prolly not gonna be back on MSN tonight, I forgot My Ianto was having a birthday party at a bar. How can I resist going to go see him all pretty and gothed out and making out with other boys? LOL.

Needless to say, I might just come home with the inspiration to finish that GunPron. ;)

<3 you for this story.

Posted by: Campaspe (cs_whitewolf)
Posted at: June 7th, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)

Mmmm, that last scene between Ianto and Jack in the field has made me go all squirmy! :D

I hope the boys get to have some fun before finding their way back to their own time.

CS WhiteWolf

Posted by: Curious_Dwarf (drakcir)
Posted at: June 7th, 2007 07:08 pm (UTC)

Loved this -especially how you wrote Tosh and Ianto. Some of your lines are true gold! Write more please, and soon!!

Posted by: idle_myrmidon (idle_myrmidon)
Posted at: July 4th, 2007 05:23 pm (UTC)

Tosh absolutely rocks in this!

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” Jack smiled and Ianto looked at him for a moment, smiling back faintly. “No, really, it will.”
Wonderfully Jack-like. I love it!

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